Meet the Witch

Hello! My name is Eimi OstaraMoon, the founder/owner of Poison and Bee, and the Poison Plant Witch behind @poisonplantwitchery on Instagram. I bid you welcome to this newest adventure of mine. I once was a software engineer, then a professional dancer… Now I am a grower, a bee steward and a witch on the Poison Path.

Poison and Bee grew out of my love for magical plants, especially the deadly ones, and honey bees. The paradoxical nature of “poison as medicine” fascinates me; and I consider honey bees, with their roles as divine messengers, to be powerful witch’s allies.

I have always had an interest in natural medicines, and have worked with plants and herbs all my life. Growing up using Traditional Chinese Medicine has taught me that plants and herbs have incredible powers to heal physically and spiritually; but they also have the power to harm, even to kill. “Poison as medicine” is a concept I’ve always known, even when I didn’t realize it. My (re)discovery of witchcraft and green magic reawakened that memory and awareness.

My call to work with honey bees started with my love for the gifts from honey bees – royal jelly, bee pollen, honey, beeswax and propolis. I grew up taking them as health supplements; beeswax is always an important ingredient in my handcrafted salves and ointments; and I call honey “liquid gold”. Historically bees had always had a role in various folklores across different cultures. They are sacred to many deities; are thought to be psychopomps and able to travel between worlds. Some even consider bees as witch’s familiars. Honey bees became part of my magical practice naturally after I started my own apiary and working closely with them.

Poison and Bee is the outcome of following the guidance of plant allies and honey bees. It is by no means the final destination. In fact it is only the beginning of a brand new adventure. I hope you will join me on this journey into the mysteries of poisons and bees.